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Digital Restaurant has built a strong network of partner relationships across the restaurant tech ecosystem.

The future of restaurant technology is about solutions that are designed for the user, driven by software people with first hand industry expertise and powered by the cloud.

In addition to products we’ve built ourselves, we’re proud to have an ever-growing community of partners building powerful restaurant technology to deliver a better customer experience.

Industry leaders who are trusted, cutting-edge, and offer reliable technology, make up the Digital Restaurant partner ecosystem.

Partnerships with us deliver on various levels including winning strategic accounts, servicing SMB customers, and engaging Global markets.
Technology / Reseller / Agency / Referral / Google

Digital Restaurant serves primarily three markets today, enterprise, multi-location, and independent restaurants. We work with over 6,000 brands including full service, fast casual and takeout across North America, Europe, Middle East and Australia.

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From upfront training to operational support to data insights and analysis, we help our partners maximise profits with minimal effort.

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