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We use the power of modern digital products to make big things happen for restaurants to grow faster

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Find out why 6000+ restaurant brands around the world trust us to deliver a better user experience using the latest and best technology

Digital Restaurant is a global technology & branding company with innovation and strategy at its core

Online Orders

In 2019 we will generate more than 16 million online food orders for our takeout and delivery restaurant partners across 19 countries

Diners in Seats

In 2019 we will put more than 7 million diners in seats with 4000+ restaurant partners through our reservation platform

Diner Profiles

Our platform provides us with insights based on millions of interactions that diners perform for our global clients. We use “live” Business Intelligence (BI) to power high-performing data driven strategies across our product range

Bookings & Orders

As one of the world’s fastest growing marketing companies for restaurants, we’re  generating more than €450m in booking deposits and orders annually

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Marketing, sales, and service software that helps restaurants grow without compromise.

Experience a new and better way to connect with your customers.